Change Management (& Workplace Transformation)

Our Change Management services have evolved from the ongoing commitments we have made to the development of people and corporate values. We inform brand strategy through consumer insight and develop communication strategies that enhance and change behavior.


Most of the culture change management facilitation we have conducted has been long-term projects in Agriculture and Infrastructure development. This includes strategies and facilitation of Workplace Transformation.

More recently we have been involved in shorter-term change management related to Systems Implementation (Sage and SAP).

Our services include:

  • Whole Systems Change

  • Implementation and Deployment of Systems

  • Production Process Planning

  • Workplace Transformation

Training and Curriculum Development

Initially, the bulk of training was the development of Young Management Teams in the Motor Assembly Industry and Scientific Services of Water Resource Agencies. Assessment Standards Development for SAQA in these industries and the development of Technical Training Context for Multiskilling and Management Development Programs.


Today much of our work in education is focused on developing Educational Curriculum Structures and informing Tertiary Education Strategies for formalized education and corporate involvement on post-graduate workplace development.

Our services include:​

  • Conducting research to inform, identify, stream and develop potential content programs within a specific work context (both Industry Specific or Academic content frameworks)

  • Present a core curriculum involving the topics necessary to provide a necessary context for the learners / employees (6 months – including validation by experts)

  • Present an elective curriculum for a range of appropriate workplace topics and competencies

  • Develop assessment criteria for the required competencies and skills within the work context

  • Development of content for training and “on boarding” of implementation team

  • Facilitating of training sessions, mentoring programs and skills workshops

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