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Our Journey

Since 1989, the CE&R team has been involved in numerous collaborative educational and research studies often as associates of Business Enterprises at the University of Pretoria, or large multinational organisations, such as National Brands, Remgro, Toyota, BMW and some of the major banks.


In addition, from 1992, the CE&R team has worked on consumer studies focused on youth in Africa and today is celebrated as an expert on the Behaviour of Young African Millennials and their role in the Faith Community.

The CE&R Senior Associates have developed several unique and proven research-based group facilitation tools, metrics and techniques to assist with informing the development of people, corporate purpose and brand performance, facilitating change and transformation in business, whilst monitoring performance and relative equity in the competitive space they occupy.

During 2009, the CE&R team introduced the strategic project management and systems implementation services and has successfully collaborated with global organisations in the telecom and mining industries to deliver projects within set budgets and timeframes whilst maintaining high standards of quality.

Our Team

The CE&R team is led by Barend Van den Berg and Barrie Van den Berg. They are experienced in their field of expertise and driven to achieve the CE&R purpose.

CE&R is part of a fractal organization i.e. an adaptive symbiotic co-operative of selected partners, who are specialists in their own specific fields. Strong leadership and firm project management optimizes resources for each of our assignments.

Our selected partners include KIPS Consulting (Business Analysis and Enterprise Architecture) and Syntagm Research (Research Methodology, Brand Metrics and Data Modeling).

CE&R have standing fractal partnership agreements with University of Pretoria Commercial Unit (Enterprise), and numerous communication agencies that partner on global creative assignments.

Our Purpose and Process


Our purpose is achieved through our process of:

  • Immersion, becoming one with the business

  • Insight / Intelligence, understanding the nature and behavioural dynamics of the organisation in the market it serves

  • Interpretation, defining the needs of the institution and its people

  • Interventions, developing projects in collaboration with the stakeholders of the organisation

  • Implementation, executing systems, structures and processes required to “future proof” the business.